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“You Won’t Need An Ounce of Willpower to Stop Pulling — Practically Overnight.”* 

Services performed online, in person here in our Southern California location, or anywhere in the world upon special request. We offer the simplest, most natural way to conquer trichotillomania-related hair-pulling, eyebrow-pulling and eyelash-pulling. Reclaim true and lasting relief from trichotillomania far more quickly and easily than you ever imagined possible.

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An Important Message for Anyone Who
Desperately Wants to Stop Pulling Their Hair...

Be sure to watch EVERY MINUTE of the video below to discover exactly how you can free yourself from even YEARS of trichotillomania... in just 12 short weeks - or less!
(HINT: We'll be offering you a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY at the end of the video!)

Your First Session FREE: (833) TRICH-FREE
  • Discover Where Your Own Personal "Control Button" Has Been Hiding All This Time! This is What Allows You to Exercise Easy, Virtually Effortless Control Over Your Hair-Pulling.
  • Learn The True Source of Those Pesky Urges - And How to Minimize Or TOTALLY ELIMINATE Them Once And For All.
  • Gain Access to A Series of Cutting-Edge Tools And Techniques That Can Neutralize Even The Most Troublesome Trichotillomania Urges in Just Minutes.
  • Learn How to Literally "Program" Your Brain to Create - And Importantly, MAINTAIN - Effortless Freedom from Trichotillomania.
  • Easy-to-Follow Bonus "Anchor" Training Videos to Keep You Learning And Growing

TRICHOTILLOMANIA SUFFERERS... This Is What You've Been Waiting For.

Enroll Now in Our Flagship 90-Day Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program, And Enjoy These Important Benefits:

A Complete Set of Personal Breakthrough Coaching™ Sessions

We'll conduct a series of live Personal Breakthrough Coaching Sessions over the course of our 90 days together. Performed entirely online via Zoom-based video-conferencing from the comfort and privacy of your home or office, getting the help you need could not be more convenient.

Cutting-Edge Tips, Tools, Techniques And Strategies

The husband and wife team of Robert and Glei Mantell bring over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of clients from around the world to their work with the TRS. Robert and Glei will teach you the tips, tricks, tools and techniques you need to create true and lasting freedom from the scourge of trichotillomania.

Daily Email Feedback, Monitoring And Support

Rest assured you'll be in good hands the entire time we're in this Program together. We'll be in touch with you just about every day, even between your live coaching sessions. You'll be reporting to us how you're doing, and we'll be responding to you with helpful insights, suggestions, feedback and direction.

Free Introductory Session: (833) TRICH-FREE

Here's What You Get with Your 90-Day Trich-Free® Program:

ONE FULL YEAR of Cutting-Edge Training, Tools, Techniques,  Guidance And Support

You'll enjoy real-time Personal Breakthrough Coaching Sessions over the course of a full year together, starting with a 12-week intensive.  We'll introduce you to a treasure trove of simple-to-apply tools, techniques and strategies to help you break free - and STAY free - from soul-crushing trichotillomania.

Guidance By The Best in The Business - Certified Master Coaches Robert & Glei Mantell

The husband and wife coaching team of Robert and Glei Mantell bring 25+ years of world-class training, experience AND RESULTS to their work with you. They have partnered successfully with hundreds of individuals and families from around the world to bring blessed relief to their clients, even clients that have been pulling for years!

Discover Your Own Personal "Control Button"

Clients tell us the single-most troublesome part of trichotillomania is their inability to control the urge to pull.  But did you know you have a hidden "Control Button" for this?  Yup, that's the part of you that knows how to make it EASY for you to not pull when you do. We'll be showing you where that Control Button is in just your very first session with us. Never feel out of control again!

Free Yourself of Those Pesky Urges Once And For All

Most of our clients quite reasonably believe the source of those seemingly uncontrollable urges to pull is their trichotillomania.  Believe it or not, however, the truth is, it's actually YOU that creates them! Discover the true source of those urges, how and why you create them when you do - and best of all, how to minimize or eliminate them once and for all.

Learn Powerful Stress Management Tools, Techniques And Strategies

Fact is, trich sufferers pull their hair at fairly predictable times and places.  And the reason you do it is because in those moments, you need a state change - you need some way to feel better. Whether it's stress, pressure, anxiety, or boredom, tedium or monotony, we'll show you how to calm yourself quickly and easily.  And the best part: You get to keep all your hair!

Reclaim Your Feelings of Confidence And Self-Worth

We know the terrible toll chronic hair-pulling can take on one's feelings about themselves.  But just watch your confidence grow - as your HAIR grows - with each and every session, and with each and every week, as you find yourself taking control of this thing you used to think would always control YOU.

BONUS! 4-, 8- and 12-Month Video-Conferencing Check-Ins

Not only will we hold your hand, support you and guide you over the entirety of your 90-Day Program with us, we'll also proactively reach out to you at the 4-, 8- and 12-month points in our relationship, just to make sure things continue to go smoothly for you.  Ensure your long-term success with a full year's relationship with us!

Flexible 12-Monthly Payment Option Now Available

We do our best to remove financial concerns as an element of your decision to join us. You're now able to spread your payments out over as long as 12 months!

Access to Our Library of Trich-Free® "Anchor" Videos

As you go through the Program, you'll be introduced to a number of powerful concepts that will form the bedrock of your personal transformation.  We'll be releasing a series of videos during the course of your training that will review, support and build upon what you learn during the course of your sessions.

And Special Surprises Along The Way!

They wouldn't be surprises if we told you EVERYTHING, now would they? :-)


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Customer Rated: "EXCELLENT"

While The Trichotillomania Relief Specialists have been serving the BRFB community for over 17 years, our Trustpilot account is still very new. Yet in just the short time we've been on their radar, we've accumulated 100% 5-Star Reviews!


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Make The Pain, Humiliation And Embarrassment of Out-of-Control Hair-Pulling A Thing of The Past.

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* Good news — The results suggested above ARE typical. This said, as in any other helping profession, the degree of success a given client experiences is always the result of an equitable partnership between service provider and client. Thus, while the above statement is statistically true, it does not and cannot necessarily guarantee any particular result for you as an individual.