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4 Out of 5 Clients Stop Pulling After Just Their Very First Session With Us! Click to Discover How.

Finally - The EASY WAY to Stop Pulling.

Let us show you how to break free from out-of-control hair-pulling far more quickly and easily than you ever imagined possible.


The Trichotillomania Relief Specialists - We're Changing Minds.™

Trich-Free™ coaching programs are conducted either online via Zoom-based videoconferencing or in person at our Southern California location. Care to have us travel to your area? Concierge-level services are available by special request. Please call (833) TRICH-FREE for more information.


Join us for an exclusive "Private Client" Coaching experience! Click to learn more about our flagship 90-Day Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program™



Our most cost-effective option, The Trich-Free 7-Week Challenge™ is generally offered twice per year, and is open to adults and teens ages 14+.  Learn more here!


Who Are Robert And Glei Mantell?

The husband and wife team of Robert and Glei Mantell are the driving force behind the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists™.  
Certified Master Coaches and Master Hypnotherapists, Robert and Glei have helped hundreds of clients from around the world find blessed relief from chronic hair-pulling since 2006.
They are the Co-Founders of The Trichotillomania Relief Specialists, and the Co-Developers of the most powerful trichotillomania relief paradigm in existence — The Trich-Free Mindset Solution™.

The Trichotillomania Relief Specialists: We're Changing Minds!™

Tried Everything Else Under The Sun? Here's Why Your Results With Us Will Be Different:


Feeling like your hair-pulling controls you, and not the other way around?  We'll show you how to exert easy, virtually effortless control over your pulling activity in just your very first session with us!


What would change if those pesky urges were to disappear, never to bother you again?  You can make that happen - and we'll be teaching you how in just your second session with us.


Stress, pressure, overwhelm, anxiety, boredom or tedium got you down? Let us teach you how to find blessed relief from these incredibly uncomfortable emotions IN JUST MINUTES - WITHOUT having to pull!

Customer Rated: "EXCELLENT"

While The Trichotillomania Relief Specialists have been in business for 17 years, our Trustpilot account is still very new. Yet in just the short time we've been on their radar, we've accumulated 100% 5-Star Reviews!


Call Us At Any Time of Day Or Night Toll-Free: (833) TRICH-FREE / (833) 874-2437

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

"Amy and I just want to say "Hello", and to let you know that Amy is still going strong and has a BEAUTIFUL head of hair to show for it as you can see. Thanks for all that you both do to bless the lives of others and for being such a blessing to us! It is our prayer that God continue to use you both for His glory as you continue to touch and enrich the lives of others through your work!"

Michele (mom) & Amy N.
Stokesdale, NC

"To anyone who has ever experienced the pain and frustration of trichotillomania, please know that there is help! I brought my daughter to numerous doctors, social workers, psychiatrists and therapists throughout her school years, to no avail. My daughter was almost entirely bald... Strangers would stare, and people would ask me all the time why I wasn't helping her, or why she just wouldn't stop. No one could understand that I had researched and tried everything in my power to help my daughter! Robert and Glei changed my daughter's life! She entered her junior year of high school with a full head of hair for the first time in years! The change that took place because was was able to take control is truly amazing! She was always the one to tell me that she would be able to control her behavior without medication, and that is exactly what Robert and Glei did for her. I recommend anyone who has suffered with trichotillomania to stop all other futile attempts and contact The Trichotillomania Relief Specialists today!"

Ann-Marie M. (Brianna's mom)
Worchester, MA

"Everything is going so well, it's really hard to believe. Caroline has the longest, craziest lashes. They look better than they ever have! Thank you again for giving Caroline her life back! My only regret is that I didn't call you guys a couple of years ago. I'm sure most parents you meet are skeptical because they have already invested in so many other treatments that haven't worked. I know I was! Trich is now very much in Caroline's past. She is off ALL of her medication. She has this new, "I can do it!" mentality, thank to you. If she can overcome trich, there is nothing she can't do! I am as shocked and amazed as I was at the beginning. What a gift you both have given her and our entire family. WE LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"

Stacey S. (Caroline's mom)
Savannah, GA

"A patient of mine has a daughter who was suffering with trichotillomania. For a year, she bounced around between the most credentialed specialists at the most esteemed facilities in Los Angeles with little to no improvement. She began working with Robert and Glei, and within weeks, she had her trichotillomania under control. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. They have developed a revolutionary approach to an issue that has confounded mental health professionals for years."

Alan T. Gordon, LCSW
Director, Pain Psychology Center, Beverly Hills, CA / Adjunct Assistant Professor, USC School of Social Work

"As we sat around our Thanksgiving table, my most fervent thanks was to you both for the help you've given Molly. She came home from college on Tuesday, and Tuesday night, she decided she no longer needed her hair piece. I hadn't seen her since Labor Day when we took her to school, so when she showed me her scalp absolutely covered in thick, six-inch long hair, I was astounded! She hasn't worn her hairpiece all weekend, and honestly, one cannot tell that she ever had hair loss! This is HUGE! We are forever indebted to you both, and there are truly no words to express our thanks. She's proud of herself for the first time in five years, she's feeling confident and happy with her hair WITHOUT the use of a hairpiece. Please count us as your most satisfied clients! Again, thanks a million! You and Glei are truly life changing! Much love and gratitude this holiday season!"

Astrid R. (Molly's mom)
Winstead, CT

"For the first time in a long time, I put mascara on tonight! It felt fantastic!!! They are still growing out, but my mom said they look awesome!! I sent pictures to my aunties and grampy and they are so proud of me!!! NO pulling AT ALL!!! I don't even want to, or have the urge to!!! I feel great!"

Nikki R.
Pembroke, MA

"Things are going great here, my hair is growing in beautifully and surprisingly curly! My hair hasn't been this thick in years. My hair is growing in crazily fast! I love it! My hair is fully grown in (no more patches!!), the lengths are just all different. And it looks awesome. I've been doing it in different styles, FINALLY wearing it long and down. I've also gotten so many compliments on it! I'm so happy I get to be a girl again and embrace my true beauty! Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to finally get my confidence back! Lots of love!"

Annalise H.
Park City, UT

Let Us Help You Better Manage Your Challenges with Hair-Pulling.

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