"HUNDREDS Now Wear Their Hair Confidently Who Never Thought They Would!"

"True And Lasting Freedom from Trichotillomania Can Be Yours in Just 7 Short Weeks (Or Less!)"

The Countdown Is On for The January "Setting You Free in 2023" Trich-Free 7-Week Challenge™ Live Online Group Coaching Program!  The Journey Starts Thursday, January 26, So Be Sure Your Name Is on The Interest List So We Can Notify You When Enrollment Formally Opens Right After The New Year.


An Important Message for Anyone Who Struggles with Trichotillomania, Uncontrollable Urges to Pull, Low Self-Confidence And Damaged Self-Esteem...

Be sure to watch EVERY MINUTE of the informational video below to discover exactly how we'll teach you to free yourself from even YEARS of trichotillomania... in just 7 short weeks (or less)! We'll be offering you a SPECIAL BONUS GIFT at the end of the video.


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Winter 2023 Online Meeting Dates

Mark Them in Your Calendar!

Session #1: Thursday, Jan. 26  4:30-7:00 PM PST

Session #2: Thursday, Feb. 2  4:30-6:30 PM PST

Session #3: Thursday, Feb. 9  4:30-6:30 PM PST

Session #4: Thursday, Feb. 16 4:30-6:30 PM PST

Session #5: Thursday, March 2  4:30-6:30 PM PST

Session #6: Thursday, March 16  4:30-6:30 PM PST

  • Discover Where Your Own Personal "Control Button" Has Been Hiding All This Time! This is What Allows You to Exercise Easy, Virtually Effortless Control Over Your Hair-Pulling.
  • Learn The True Source of Those Pesky Urges - And How to Minimize Or TOTALLY ELIMINATE Them Once And For All.
  • Gain Access to A Series of Cutting-Edge Tools And Techniques That Can Neutralize Even The Most Troublesome Trichotillomania Urges in Just Minutes.
  • Learn How to Literally "Program" Your Brain to Create - And Importantly, MAINTAIN - Effortless Freedom from Trichotillomania.
  • Easy-to-Follow "Anchor" Training Videos to Keep You Learning And Growing
  • 24/7 Access to A Private Facebook Group for You And Your Groupmates to Get Together for Questions, Community, Camaraderie And Support

TRICHOTILLOMANIA SUFFERERS AGES 14 +: This Is What You've Been Waiting For!

Join Us for The Next Trich-Free 7-Week Challenge™, And Get The "Three A's":

ACTUALIZE the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Believe it or not, your brain knows how to create easy, effortless freedom from pulling. In fact, chances are it's been doing that for years without your even realizing it. Let us teach you how your brain has been doing it all this time, so you'll be able to access this powerful ability AT WILL.

ACTIVE Coaching from Robert and Glei Mantell

The husband and wife team of Robert and Glei Mantell bring over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of clients from around the world to their work with the TRS.  Certified Master Coaches Robert And Glei will guide you and your groupmates to true and lasting freedom from the scourge of trichotillomania.

AMAZING Community And Peer Support

No need to feel like you're going it alone!  You'll get exclusive access to the TF7WC Private Facebook Group where you can hang out with your groupmates, ask questions, give and receive support, and generally enjoy a sense of warmth and camaraderie through the entirety of your Program. *

Here's What You Get with Your Trich-Free 7 Week Challenge™:

7 FULL WEEKS of Cutting-Edge Training, Tools, Techniques,  Guidance And Support

You'll join your groupmates for a total of six (6) LIVE group coaching sessions over the course of 7 weeks.  Your first four sessions will be held once per week, and your final two will be held at Weeks 5 and 7. Sessions will last approximately two hours each.

Guidance By The Best in The Business - Certified Master Coaches Robert & Glei Mantell

The husband and wife coaching team of Certified Master Coaches Robert and Glei Mantell bring 20+ years of world-class training, experience AND RESULTS to their work with you. They have partnered successfully with hundreds of individuals and families from around the world to bring blessed relief to their clients, even clients that have been pulling for years!

Discover Your Own Personal "Control Button"

Clients tell us the single-most troublesome part of their trichotillomania is their inability to control the urge to pull.  But did you know you have a "Control Button" for this?  Yup, that's the part of you that knows how to make it EASY for you to not pull when you do. We'll be showing you where that Control Button is in just your very first session with us. Never feel out of control again!

Free Yourself of Those Pesky Urges Once And For All

Most of our clients quite reasonably believe the source of those seemingly uncontrollable urges to pull is their trichotillomania.  Believe it or not, however, the truth is, it's actually YOU that creates them!  Discover the true source of those urges, how and why you create them when you do - and best of all, how to minimize or eliminate them once and for all.

Learn Powerful State Management Tools,  Techniques & Strategies

Fact is, trich sufferers pull their hair at fairly predictable times and places.  And the reason you do it is because in those moments, you need a state change - you need some way to feel better. Whether it's stress, pressure, anxiety, or boredom, tedium or monotony, we'll show you how to calm yourself quickly and easily.  And the best part: You get to keep all your hair!

Regular Q & A Opportunities with Robert And Glei

We'll be there to address your challenges and answer your questions as we move through your Program together.

Exclusive Access to Our Library of Trich-Free "Anchor" Videos

As you go through the Program, you'll be introduced to a number of powerful concepts that will form the bedrock of your personal transformation.  We'll be releasing a series of videos during the course of your training that will review and build upon what you learn in the groups.

PRIVATE (Closed) Facebook Group for 24-Hour Peer Support *

Finally - a place you can go to connect with others who have suffered the same way you have, know firsthand the frustrations you've experienced - and who may just be able to help you overcome that one challenge you're still struggling with.

Log In Any Time to View Your Coaching Sessions Again - And Again And Again, If You Like!

Even if you can't attend one or more sessions, all sessions will be recorded and posted to the Member's Portal for later viewing. **


Specially Discounted TF7WC "Members Only" Rates for (Optional) One-On-One Coaching

Should you wish to spend some time privately with Robert and Glei, you'll have access to significantly reduced member-only hourly coaching rates.

BONUS: Peer Mentor Coaching & Training from the top Life Skill Coaches in the field

Attendees who have been active in the group and who have shown a tendency to support others, and who themselves have found success with our Program, may apply to be trained as Peer Mentors for future TF7WC members. Peer Mentor Training sessions will be conducted by Certified Master Coaches Robert and Glei Mantell.

And Special Surprises Along The Way!

They wouldn't be surprises if we told you EVERYTHING, now would they? :-)

Even More Success Stories!

We could only fit about half an hour's worth of success stories in our Trich-Free 7-Week Challenge™ informational video above. If we'd included them all, the video would have been two hours long! We promised you lots more, though, so here you go!


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Dates for The January "Setting You Free in 2023" Trich-Free 7-Week Challenge™ Have Now Been Established.

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Feel free to call us at any time of day or night toll-free at (833) TRICH-FREE / (833) 874-2437.

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* When other TF7WC members are present. Available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of your Program. Continued access to your "Secret" (Private) Facebook Support Group (as well as monthly get-together Q & A's with Robert & Glei) beyond your 7-Week Program is available on a monthly or annual basis at an additional fee.

** Full Sessions #1-6 will be posted in your Membership Portal Resource Area, and will remain available to you for a period of 90 days from the date of your first TF7WC Session with us.