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Trichotillomania Relief Specialists - Client Success Stories
Sunny O., San Diego, CA
Donna S., Rapid City, SD - For daughter Nikki
Debra K., Madison, WI
When 23-year-old Debra K. (now a medical doctor!) contacted us for the first time in June of 2009, she literally wanted to know whether what she'd hear about us was "too good to be true" — or whether perhaps our program might be exactly what she'd been looking for all these years.

Turns out it was. Here's Debra's story in her own words:

BEFORE: "I started in 6th grade when I was 11. There have been a few instances when I stopped for a few months, but it was a combination of being very distracted, always with someone, and a lot of willpower. And those months were never perfectly pull-free.

"I tried cognitive behavior therapy. I spent one hour per week for a year. I was on Prozac for 6 months of that year. The ambivalence to stopping was the hurdle I could never overcome... And perhaps the guilt. I know that feeling, like I am doing something wrong makes me feel bad about myself, as does not being able to stop. And then all I want to do is pull, and the cycle of feeling worthless just continues. Once in the spring of 2008, I was in such distress about not being able to stop pulling my hair, I thought, 'It'd be easier if it all just ended... That would make it stop.'

"I have also tried hat-wearing, taping my fingers, yoga, eating instead, putting smiley stickers on a calendar for each day I didn't do it... the list goes on. I'm sure it is obvious that none of those worked."

AFTER: "Thank you! I don't pull my hair anymore! I have been meaning to send this message for months.

"This morning, I parted my hair down the middle and put it into two french braids... And it looks good! I have always wanted to wear my hair that way.

"In January, I was in Wisconsin for part of [my work]. I surely would have failed if I had been left to my own previous devices... But I didn't pull at all. Today I am seeing the payoffs. :)

"I never thought I wouldn't pull my hair... It's unbelievable really. You are truly gifted in the way that you help people. I look forward to my hair growing longer and longer and looking good for my sister's graduation in May and her wedding in September.

"Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks again! I couldn't have transformed my life without you!"
Trichotillomania Relief Specialists takes special care to understand the unique needs of each individual client.  This allows us to design highly customized interventions that are usually effective within days or even hours, rather than weeks or months (if ever) using more conventional methods.

We are proud of the uniquely powerful work we do and would like to share these success stories and testimonials from our clients:
23-year-old Sunny O. began her 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough program for trichotillomania and dermatillomania in mid-September of 2010. Like most of our clients, Sunny had been pulling her hair and picking her skin for many years before coming to see us. Also like many of our clients, she had tried any number of more conventional therapeutic options, only to be bitterly disappointed each and every time.

Predictably, TRS was her last stop. Sunny describes her experience with us this way:

BEFORE: "Before I went to TRS with Robert and Glei, I would have considered myself a hopeless wreck, literally. I have had Trichotillomania for the past 9 years and I was absolutely positive I had no control over the pulling. In my mind, Trichotillomania had control over me. Trichotillomania was the only way I knew how to deal with all the emotional pain I had throughout my life.

"I was so overwhelmed by all the damage I had done to myself, completely balding my scalp, I knew I needed some professional help. Being turned down by my local Mental Health Center saying "I just have to much time on my hands," I knew they were wrong. I ended up searching the internet for someone or something to help me with my problem, and there was the TRS web page. I researched it and did my homework about the program, and of course my nerves got the best of me. But I just had to give it a shot. I was desperate for anything at the time.

AFTER: "Honestly it was the best choice I have ever made for myself in my life.

"Robert and Glei have shown me I do have control over Trichotillomania, and I am completely in control of my actions. I just didn't realize it. I have been pull-free for 3 months now and I am so proud of myself for all the progress I have made. I can honestly say I have a feeling of being free of an ongoing addiction I thought I couldn't break away from. With the help of TRS, Robert and Glei, I have gained all the confidence, love, and respect I needed for myself.

"...I recommend Trichotillomania Relief Services to anyone and everyone who feels they have Trichotillomania or any other mental illness they feel they have no control over. It is worth it. You are worth it!"
When we first heard from 17-year-old Nikki S. in March of 2011, she had already been pulling her hair for seven years. In her Personal History Questionnaire, she told us she'd "not been able to stop for even one day". When Nikki finally visited us the following May with her mother and her aunt, all three got to find out why BrightLife's 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program for trichotillomania is uniquely powerful.

** By the way, Nikki — the girl who'd been for all intents and purposes enslaved to trichotillomania every single day for the past seven years — was able to stop pulling after her very first day with us.

Here's an excerpt from an email her mother wrote to us a full month after they'd completed Phase I of Nikki's 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program:

"Debra (Nikki's aunt), Michael (her father) and I were talking last night and all of us say that we have seen differences in Nicole since she has been back from California. She seems to be overall happier. Kathy said she thinks Nicole is carrying herself differently. She says she keeps looking at her and thinking she is taller. Nicole is standing taller and more confidently. Michael helps coach her softball team. He said he has been able to tell that she is a lot more confident in her ball playing. We are sure this sense of well being will be working in Nicole's favor and we will continue to see things change for her. She has always been an incredible person, but to add a huge dose of confidence will only make her happier in anything she does. I cannot tell you how blessed we feel to have had you work with her."

Nikki and family, we're the ones who feel blessed to have met you.
Annette B., Charlotte, NC
22-year-old Anne B. had been pulling her hair for 10 years before contacting us for the help that had all but completely eluded her until that time.

She's glad she did. Here's her story:

BEFORE: Like many of our clients with trichotillomania, Anne's hair-pulling began almost accidentally as a means of dealing with intensely uncomfortable feelings. Again, like many of our clients, Anne found it easier to vent her pent-up feelings of frustration, anger and loss of control by pulling her hair rather than by communicating her feelings honestly and authentically when those feelings would come up — a skill she had not yet learned.

After a recent breakup with a boyfriend, Anne was feeling particularly lost — a problem she couldn't afford to keep, as she was prepared to accept an internship at a prestigious New York design firm. Desperate for help, she contacted us in March of this year, and we began our work together in April.

The results? Here are Anne's own words, describing her elation at her results — and perhaps just as importantly, what she's learning about herself along the way.

AFTER: "Today was another day without hair pulling. I bought a new shampoo to nurture my incoming crop, and felt very affectionate towards my hair today. I felt like it belonged attached to me, and that feeling of my hair as something blocking me from the environment was totally gone.

"I feel much more 'rooted' in myself, you could say. I also was able to tell people how I felt immediately as I was feeling something like anger, etc., and was able to communicate very effectively my emotions and resolve the issue at hand, so that a lot of this need to pull was also totally dispelled!

"I feel so empowered by this new ability to communicate my feelings, and to see how much better my relationships are becoming because of this. Things are definitely shifting for me in letting all of this stuff free and flowing that was pent up inside me!

"I haven't felt so happy in a long time... It continues to amaze me! I feel much more comfortable and confident in myself and feel that every day I am getting closer to that image of myself I had imagined at your home in California. Over 5 weeks of freedom from trichotillomania now, and I am learning how to use all of these new resources to my advantage.

"Thank you, I am excited that this is only the beginning, and that there's still so much more to come!"
Anne-Marie M., Boston, MA - For daughter Brianna
21-year-old Brianna M. came to see us for the first time back in 2006, when she was just 15. Her mother had brought her to us, desperate for a solution to a problem that had plagued their family for over ten years. Here's her story:

BEFORE: "To anyone who has ever experienced the pain and frustration of trichotillomania, please know that there is help!

"I brought my daughter to numerous doctors, social workers, psychiatrists and therapists throughout her school years to no avail. She tried various medications and behavior techniques. Some methods seemed to work, but only for a while. Every piece of information which I read told me that this disorder was one which my daughter would suffer with for her entire life. Then I heard about The Trichotillomania Freedom Center, and Robert and Glei.

"As a last resort, I convinced my ex-husband to travel to California with our two children. At the time, my heart was in my throat each and every day as I dropped my daughter off to her high school, and watched the other girls laughing and flipping their hair as they entered the school, while my daughter was almost entirely bald from pulling out the hair on her head.

"Strangers would stare, and people would ask me all the time why I wasn't helping her, or why she just wouldn't stop. No one could understand that this was something that was happening since she was in kindergarten, and that I had researched and tried everything in my power to help my daughter!"

AFTER: "Robert and Glei changed my daughter's life. While no one can change the struggles she went through in her younger years, she entered her junior year of high school with a full (if not very short) head of hair for the first time in years!

"She is now a senior, and has held a lead part in a play. While she has always had a fantastic attitude, the change that took place because she was able to take control is truly amazing! She was always the one to tell me throughout the years that she would be able to control her behavior without medication, and that is exactly what Robert and Glei did for her.

"I recommend anyone who has suffered with trichotillomania to stop all other futile attempts and contact TFC today!"

Sydney B., Seattle, WA
18-year-old Syndey B. came to visit us with her mother in mid-August of 2011. By the time she came to see us, Sydney had been pulling her hair for over 15 years - since she was 3 years old!

Like many of our clients, her mother had already taken Sydney to visit any number of more conventional therapists and treatment centers. And like many of our clients, she had been offered all the usual treatments options - talk (insight-oriented) therapy, drugs - one of her well-meaning therapists even suggested she use a stressball instead of pulling her hair - as though this could be any kind of effective cure over the long-term!

And like the vast majority of our clients, Sydney stopped pulling her hair after her very first session with us - that's just Day 1 of 90, folks!

Here's an excerpt from a note we recently received from Sydney, proudly proclaiming her joy with the victory we were able to help her accomplish: 

"If someone had told me a year ago that I would have all of my bald spots grown in, have eyebrows that don't need penciling, and have long, full eyelashes, I would have thought that it wasn't possible. But now I'm getting compliments by friends, family and coworkers on my new hair and long lashes. WOO HOO!  

"My best friend… has even said that she has seen a change in me, not just physically, but also in the way that I talk about things. She says I sound a lot more rational, reasonable and self-confident. And I feel that way too! I'm happy that I've finally come into my own."

Her mother can hardly contain her enthusiasm. She participated in every one of Sydney's three Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching sessions, so she has seen the change unfold for herself - not only during the course of our work together, but since, as Sydney has experienced these changes coming to fruition.

Here's an excerpt from a note we received from this very grateful mom:

"I think of the two of you so often. I am SOOOOOO happy with Sydney's results! OH MY GOSH, her eyelashes are beautiful, her hair is growing in and her skin-picking is going great.

"[Sydney] dyed her hair dark Friday and it looks very sophisticated, healthy and pretty. I am so happy we came to California to meet with the two of you. When I read in your testimonials on the internet, I was so hoping you were for real… and YOU ARE… 

"Thank you - thank you - thank you!"

A year and a half later, yet another heartfelt expression of gratitude from Sydney's very elated mom:

"There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of the two of you.  I remember back to the day I found your website and read all of those mom's testimonials and thought, "Oh, I want to be them and be able to say, 'the nightmare is over.'

"Well, I am one of those moms!!

"We came back from the experience in California with the two of you, and Sydney has been pull-free for over 1 and 1/2 years!

"Shortly after she returned from California, Sydney took herself off the meds she had been put on (Lexapro); it took some adjusting, but what a fabulous change!!  She is funny, witty, she's lost about 30 lbs....  And most importantly, HAPPY!!

"[After a terrible physical challenge had befallen her], friends and family would call and ask, "Oh, God, does she have any hair left?", and the answer was YESSSSS!  She never pulled out a strand.  Sydney has beautiful thick hair and gorgeous eyelashes and has to have her eyebrows waxed (LOL).  She is now in an Ultrasound [training] program that is so intense, and doing fantastically.

"As I said earlier, not a day goes by that I don't thank God for meeting the two of you.  You have a gift, and I'm so glad you shared it with our family."

"With all my gratitude,


Katie S., Ontario, Canada
25-year-old Katie S. came to see us in August of 2011 all the way from Ontario, Canada. Katie had been pulling her hair since she was 10 years old.  

Like many of our other clients, it started with her eyelashes and progressed from there. Also like many of our clients, this behavior became a well-practiced coping mechanism over the years for helping her manage highly unpleasant emotions. Therapists, doctors and prescriptions all seemed to lead to the same result - bitter disappointment and failure.

That all changed as a result of her work with us. She wrote to us again recently with these very heartfelt words:

"I don't think I ever really did say how thankful I am for the work I did with you and Glei, and how much you guys helped turn my life around. 

"It is such a wonderful thing you two are doing, it must be the best job to help people change their lives in the way that you do. I am so glad I took that leap of faith to make the trip out there to see you guys. I really didn't think it was possible to live any other way.

"I have come to realize that I have a more feminine side to me than I thought, a side of me that was locked up inside, I guess…. Does it ever feel good to be able to talk with my friends and family about hair and makeup and not have to avoid the conversation and be uncomfortable with the topic!

"Thank you so much for everything that you two do and have done, it is truly appreciated."
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Jennifer S., San Francisco, CA
Now 35 years old, Jennifer S. visited us last January to help her overcome a challenge with trichotillomania she'd endured for the past 25 years!  Like the majority of our clients, she'd tried everything under the sun to help solve her problem, but nothing worked. Drugs, psychiatrists, positive reinforcement, wigs - even physical restraint in the form of an aviation cap her well-intended parents had her wear at night - all failed miserably.

Years later, however, just three days with us changed everything.  Let Jennifer tell you in her own words:

BEFORE: "I had tried numerous things.  Early on, I wore an aviation cap at night.  I had nightly check-ins with my parents, did the gold star on a calendar... got rewards, was punished and was grounded for a full summer...  My parents tried everything they could think of. 

"When I was 12, I saw three different psychiatrists.  The first woman I met with had never heard of trichotillomania.  [One] doctor I met with did nothing other than make me feel like he was ripping my parents off.  He put me on Prozac and I was on it for 8 months without it making a difference.  Also during this time (I was 13), my pediatrician put me on Anafranil. It did not eliminate or reduce the urge to pull. It just gave me dry mouth and made me feel like I was in a daze all the time. When I was 24, I decided to shave my head in hopes that would eliminate the urge to pull.  When I was 27, I accepted the hair-pulling as a part of who I am."

AFTER: "I have always considered myself more of a morning person than a night owl. However, the past few mornings, I've been waking up extra early, feeling refreshed and ready to take it on. I am happy that I feel so excited and confident about things. I have not had the urge to pull and am feeling like things have really shifted in that regard. I am feeling as if I have more time in my day, and I believe that is a direct reflection of not spending time worrying about how I'm going to avoid that next urge to pull.  Everything is very clear.

"I am continually grateful for and excited about what is ahead. Robert, there were several times during our few days together that you used the phrase, "What problem?" I am feeling the shift so significantly that I am literally asking myself the same question.

"I'm feeling calm, confident and happy about the changes I've incurred.  I feel like I experienced [a] miracle last week. I am so grateful to the two of you... I  have these feelings of feeling like a new person; however, it's more that I'm more "ME" than I feel I have ever been...

"I'm remaining strong and confident and haven't had an urge to pull.  I even tested myself today by looking at myself in the mirror to see if I had the desire to pull.  I didn't.  I don't.  IT'S SO GREAT!

Stephanie A., New York City, NY
25-year-old Stephanie A.'s story is not unlike most of those we hear at the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists...  Years of failed attempts at resolving her trichotillomania symptoms at the hands of more conventional therapists and treatment centers - only to find the kind of blessed relief she'd always dreamed of using our acclaimed Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Technology.

Of course, the best person to tell her story is Stephanie herself:

BEFORE: "I began my search for a new and lasting solution to trichotillomania after having recently pulled
out nearly all my hair - again - despite letting it grow to 4 inches all over my head.

"I was going through a stressful transition in my first semester of grad school, but I didn't want that to be an excuse. I wanted to be able to control the urges and habit of pulling so my hair could grow out to whatever length I wanted by the time I was going to get married and become a mom.

"As I'm sure you know, the stress of pulling increased my desire to pull, and the cycle built on itself. I wanted to turn to medication, as everything else I had tried in the past had only temporarily worked.

"I started out with steroid ointments and injections for supposed Alopecia, because as a 14-year-old I was too afraid to admit to doing this weird, unnatural thing. Obviously, that didn't work, and I convinced my parents to stop the steroid therapy (because of the side effects - not the real reason).

"I resorted to putting my hair in a very precise half ponytail and gelled and hair-sprayed everything in place to cover up the patches on the top and bottom of my scalp. But soon enough I had pulled out all the hair on my head and was wearing bandanas too school. Once the gang-related comments got to be too much for me, I convinced my parents to start buying wigs for me.  This was a welcome relief, though it ended up allowing me to pull more since I had the security that the cover-up provided.

"Eventually, while in college, I decided to go to a counselor who started Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I kept a journal of when I pulled, how much each time, and why. This increased my awareness and allowed me to take myself out of some of the situations that triggered pulling. But it didn't last.

"We also decided that I should wear gloves when alone, get a stress ball or a squishy ball with tendrils to mimic hairs and provide enough stimulation for my fingers. This minimally helped, since there were also the scalp and mouth stimulation to consider.  We also decided that I should try shaving my head, as if there was no hair to pull, I wouldn't pull. The idea was that my body would need to find a new way of coping with stress and over time I would experience a decrease in urges.

"Lastly, regular talk therapy was incorporated and I was able to discuss all my experiences with these methods. We also explored possible causes and other trigger points, such as my family instability.  This worked while I was in CBT, but once school ended (only ~9 months later), things began to revert.  I decided to try letting my hair grow out again... and it actually did for 6 months. I was close to 6 inches of hair and I felt proud, but somehow I just started pulling again and my hair was patchy and gross so I shaved again.

"Another 6 months later I started pulling again and resigned myself to this terrible cycle.

"A few years later I had come to the end of my rope and began searching online for medications or alternative therapies.

"I found the Trichotillomania Relief Specialists, and after a couple email chains and phone conversations, decided to enroll in their Personal Breakthrough Program.

"I was apprehensive and nervous, and let's be honest here - skeptical. Obviously anyone can write blurbs like these for themselves and just pretend someone else did. Little things made me feel unsure about contracting Robert and Glei's services. I even asked my mom to call so I could get her opinion and looked them up on the BBB website.

"The conversations we all had let Robert and Glei's honest intentions come through and so we found a date that worked for us. 

"I flew out to the LA area, found their home office, and change began. Still skeptical, I simply listened and followed along with Robert and Glei. I let them do their thing, as the many testimonials before mine said they were pretty awesome.

AFTER: "Despite all my hesitance, and even my psychology background, Robert and Glei were able to get through to me and help me break free of this 12-year problem.

"The three days with them really were a personal breakthrough. Honestly, literally, after the first few hours with them I felt renewed. After the entire 3-day session I couldn't really find any pulling-related emotions or urges within me, even though I tried.  

"It's been almost 4 months and I am still pull-free! I recognize that I have gone through a couple 6-month periods of not pulling, but Robert and Glei's work has created what I am calling a "shift" that really makes an
internal difference for me. I have the control now over any urges that do arise, and also those urges come a lot less frequently. I am confident that I will push past my 6-month mark and even further into the future.  

"I would encourage anyone who is ready and open for the challenge and subsequent feeling of freedom to fully explore this path. I would welcome any questions or discussions on the program with considering clients, as would Robert and Glei."
Katie O., Dallas, TX
When we first met 17-year-old Katie O. in May of last year, she was like a lot of our clients - a young lady working hard to perform well in her senior year of high school so she could have the best possible chance of getting into the college of her choice.  And like a lot of our clients at this particular juncture in life, Katie was feeling the pressure, and didn't quite know how to deal with that pressure other than to resort to an age-old habit of hair-pulling.

Before meeting us, Katie reported having worked with a traditional therapist, a hypnotist, two different nutritionists, and even a support group once a week - all to no avail.  The pulling continued, and was getting worse with time.

As usual, that all changed once she met us.  Katie describes her experience with us here:

BEFORE: "When I visited Robert and Glei after my senior year of high school, I hardly had any eyelashes or eyebrows left due to my anxiety.  I had been pulling since I was about 16 years old."

AFTER: "Robert and Glei are an amazing team who feed off each other in their coaching in the most effective, comfortable way.  I instantly felt a connection with them, and they showed me that I had a choice in life, and that I needed to make that choice in order to have the life I wanted.  

"Robert and Glei helped me quit pulling my eyelashes and gave me hope for my future. I would strongly recommend their services."
John S., Austin, TX - For son Sean
By age 12, young Sean S. of Amarillo, Texas had been pulling his hair from both the back of his head and his eyebrows for the past five years.  Once again, this family had been through the ringer over the course of those five years in their search for a meaningful solution to Sean's trichotillomania condition - therapists, psychiatrists, anti-anxiety meds, etc. - again, all to no avail.

Amazingly (but not uncommonly!), Sean stopped pulling his hair upon the completion of our very first session together.  

As is usually the case with our clients, Sean's followup went exceedingly smoothly - virtually no struggle at all t0 maintain the powerful sense of control he developed while working with us for just the three days he and his father required to spend with us here in Southern California to complete Phase I (the mental reprogramming and reconditioning portion) of our two-phase Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program.

Like many of our clients, Sean's parents very carefully evaluated their choice to work with us.  The trip out here (even for just a few days), the fees involved - they were understandably concerned about whether this might be yet another attempt ending up in disappointment and  failure just like the others.  In their own words:

BEFORE: "... This is a leap of faith, and I want to make sure we are making the right decision considering the financials..."

We completed Sean's work together this past summer, and the following are a sampling (in chronological order) of some of the notes we received from Sean's parents as his nearly 90-day followup period progressed:

AFTER: "Sean says he has minimal urges to pull and it's no longer hard for him!  We are so excited for him, and will remain vigilant."  

"... Just checking in.  Sean seems to be doing great.  He says he feels no urges to pull hair from his head... His eyelashes are visibly growing, and hair on his head is filling in.  Will keep you posted."

"Sean continues to do great.  He is committed to being done with pulling hair.  I'm going to send a few pictures... Sean says, "Hi!"

"Sean is still doing remarkably well.  He seems happy and more relaxed in general.  This has been life-changing for us so far!  Hope you both are doing well..."

"Sean does look fantastic.  All hair is grown in and eyelashes are coming in beautifully!  It's been nothing short of miraculous."

And most recently (now six months later):

"I hope you had a great Thanksgiving...  Things are going very well with us.  

"I'm reminded of one of the first things you asked Sean... 'What's NOT the problem?'  After a long pause, he said 'Everything else.'  What a profound realization for him, and how true it was!...  He doesn't have that daily struggle anymore.  What a huge relief!  Thank you!"
Anna A., Charlottesville, VA
20-year old Anna A. came to see us in mid-December of last year.  Prior to that time, she had been pulling heavily for about 2-1/2 years.  Her father, desperate for meaningful assistance of any kind, had contacted us asking what we might be able to do for her.  

Her father told us those 2-1/2 years of pulling had been all it took to rob her of the joy and passion she once enjoyed in life, resulting instead in depression and social isolation - even the need to take a leave from college in hopes of finding some way to sort out this problem.  

Medical doctors, medication, multiple psychiatrists - none of that made any difference for Anna.

And then she came to see us.  

Here's what Anna and her father have had to say about their experience with us:

ANNA'S DAD: "I thank you again for your help and intervention in this problem.  You will never know the true meaning of how grateful we are."

ANNA (Day 1 of followup): "I have not pulled any hair since [the] Friday [before we met].  :-)  It was so great to meet both of you this past week.  I feel like my dad really chose the right place when he found you all.  Thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing for me and my family.  Our trip to California was amazing, but by far, the best part was meeting both of you.  :-)

Day 4 of followup:  "Just wanted to let you know the awesome news that I was in my room alone last night and for parts of today, and did not pull a single hair!  It was like the ultimate test, haha.  It was weird how I didn't even consider it.  :-)"

Day 7 of followup:  "Another pull-free day!  My parents and sister are beyond thrilled.  They are all really excited about our work together and my progress.  My hair is looking even more filled in.  Needless to say, this is incredibly exciting!  My parents are going to treat me to a "hair makeover" as soon as it all grows back in.  :-)

Day 9 of followup:  "Hi, Robert and Glei...  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  My family and I most certainly did.   Both yesterday and today have been pull free days!  I am SO close to being able to go without a hat that I almost forget to put one on when I leave the house.  :-)

Day 18 of followup: "My hair is looking really good (at least to me).  My parents are still in disbelief because it seems too good to be true.  I just sit silently and laugh because I know it's real progress.  :-)  I still can't thank you guys enough."

FINALLY - Three months later, upon formal completion of Anna's 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program:

"You all would be happy to know that my hair looks fabulous!  There are absolutely NO bald patches anywhere! And it seems to be growing out pretty nicely.

"In general, I would say I'm much happier than I was... Regaining a sense of control over my hair has helped with almost every aspect of my life."
Pat R., Sacramento, CA - for daughter Cathyrn
18 year old Cathryn visited us toward the end of January of this year.  Prior to that time, she had been pulling and picking from various parts of her body for approximately 8 years.

It's now been nearly two months since we completed our work together, and the following is a note we recently received from her very grateful dad:

"I wanted to take a minute and tell you a couple of things.  Cathryn has eyelashes growing in again!  I have seen this before, as she could stop pulling for a few weeks, but this is a very good sign.

"She seems to be more confident.  She has gotten a job... and seems happy and appears to be on her way.

"I cannot be certain all her issues are behind her, but the progress has been obvious to me.  I really thank you for the work you did with Cathryn.  I am a very happy dad."
Jessica H., Salt Lake City, UT - for daughter Annalise
At almost 15 years of age, Annalise is busy with all the kinds of things teenagers are normally occupied with at that age - school, friends, recreation, and so forth.  The only real problem in her life had been trichotillomania, something she'd been challenged with for over two years before coming to see us recently.

Annalise comments on what things were like for her before coming to see us:

BEFORE: "I tried seeing a therapist for a few months with a lack of results.  I'm sick of it, and I want my hair back.  If I continue this, I will go bald.  I'll lose my hair, my pride and my self-esteem."

Her mom shares with us her observations since concluding Phase I (the mental "reprogramming" and reconditioning portion) of Annalise's 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program:

AFTER: "Annalise is doing great!  Since our return, her motivation level [with regard to her school studies] had gone up immensely.  It's been day and night.  She is able to sit and work without getting up and looking for distractions.

"My gut instinct tells me she's not pulling.  Annalise has also worn her hair down a few times in front of family, which is very unusual for her, but positive I feel.  I'm extremely hopeful!

"Thank you so much for all you do.  You have truly been a blessing to our family."


"Robert & Glei,

"Hello! Hope everything is going well for you in Lancaster :).  Everything is going well for me here too!  

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me.  My hair is growing at a rate I never thought it would!  It's almost at a point where I can wear it COMPLETLY down!  One side has already 95% grown back to normal!  

"Again I just wanted to thank you for what you do because I would be so lost and I don't know where I would be at this point if I didn't have you.:)  

"I can't even begin to express my gratitude. You both helped me get my life back!  Thank you again so much.

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