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Anne-Marie M., Boston, MA - For daughter Brianna
21-year-old Brianna M. came to see us for the first time back in 2006, when she was just 15. Her mother had brought her to us, desperate for a solution to a problem that had plagued their family for over ten years. Here's her story:

BEFORE: "To anyone who has ever experienced the pain and frustration of trichotillomania, please know that there is help!

"I brought my daughter to numerous doctors, social workers, psychiatrists and therapists throughout her school years to no avail. She tried various medications and behavior techniques. Some methods seemed to work, but only for a while. Every piece of information which I read told me that this disorder was one which my daughter would suffer with for her entire life. Then I heard about The Trichotillomania Freedom Center, and Robert and Glei.

"As a last resort, I convinced my ex-husband to travel to California with our two children. At the time, my heart was in my throat each and every day as I dropped my daughter off to her high school, and watched the other girls laughing and flipping their hair as they entered the school, while my daughter was almost entirely bald from pulling out the hair on her head.

"Strangers would stare, and people would ask me all the time why I wasn't helping her, or why she just wouldn't stop. No one could understand that this was something that was happening since she was in kindergarten, and that I had researched and tried everything in my power to help my daughter!"

AFTER: "Robert and Glei changed my daughter's life. While no one can change the struggles she went through in her younger years, she entered her junior year of high school with a full (if not very short) head of hair for the first time in years!

"She is now a senior, and has held a lead part in a play. While she has always had a fantastic attitude, the change that took place because she was able to take control is truly amazing! She was always the one to tell me throughout the years that she would be able to control her behavior without medication, and that is exactly what Robert and Glei did for her.

"I recommend anyone who has suffered with trichotillomania to stop all other futile attempts and contact TFC today!"

Sydney B., Seattle, WA
18-year-old Syndey B. came to visit us with her mother in mid-August of 2011. By the time she came to see us, Sydney had been pulling her hair for over 15 years - since she was 3 years old!

Like many of our clients, her mother had already taken Sydney to visit any number of more conventional therapists and treatment centers. And like many of our clients, she had been offered all the usual treatments options - talk (insight-oriented) therapy, drugs - one of her well-meaning therapists even suggested she use a stressball instead of pulling her hair - as though this could represent any kind of effective cure over the long-term!

And like the vast majority of our clients, Sydney stopped pulling her hair after her very first session with us - that's just Day 1 of 90, folks.

Here's an excerpt from a note we recently received from Sydney, proudly proclaiming her joy with the victory we were able to help her accomplish: 

"If someone had told me a year ago that I would have all of my bald spots grown in, have eyebrows that don't need penciling, and have long, full eyelashes, I would have thought that it wasn't possible. But now I'm getting compliments by friends, family and coworkers on my new hair and long lashes. WOO HOO!  

"My best friend… has even said that she has seen a change in me, not just physically, but also in the way that I talk about things. She says I sound a lot more rational, reasonable and self-confident. And I feel that way too! I'm happy that I've finally come into my own."

Her mother can hardly contain her enthusiasm. She participated in every one of Sydney's three Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching sessions, so she has seen the change unfold for herself - not only during the course of our work together, but since, as Sydney has experienced these changes coming to fruition.

Here's an excerpt from a note we received from this very grateful mom:

"I think of the two of you so often. I am SOOOOOO happy with Sydney's results! OH MY GOSH, her eyelashes are beautiful, her hair is growing in and her skin-picking is going great.

"[Sydney] dyed her hair dark Friday and it looks very sophisticated, healthy and pretty. I am so happy we came to California to meet with the two of you. When I read in your testimonials on the internet, I was so hoping you were for real… and YOU ARE… 

"Thank you - thank you - thank you!"

A year and a half later, yet another heartfelt expression of gratitude from Sydney's very elated mom:

"There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of the two of you.  I remember back to the day I found your website and read all of those mom's testimonials and thought, "Oh, I want to be them and be able to say, 'the nightmare is over.'

"Well, I am one of those moms!!

"We came back from the experience in California with the two of you, and Sydney has been pull-free for over 1 and 1/2 years!

"Shortly after she returned from California, Sydney took herself off the meds she had been put on (Lexapro); it took some adjusting, but what a fabulous change!!  She is funny, witty, she's lost about 30 lbs....  And most importantly, HAPPY!!

"[After a terrible physical challenge had befallen her], friends and family would call and ask, "Oh, God, does she have any hair left?", and the answer was YESSSSS!  She never pulled out a strand.  Sydney has beautiful thick hair and gorgeous eyelashes and has to have her eyebrows waxed (LOL).  She is now in an Ultrasound [training] program that is so intense, and doing fantastically.

"As I said earlier, not a day goes by that I don't thank God for meeting the two of you.  You have a gift, and I'm so glad you shared it with our family."

"With all my gratitude,


Jennifer S., San Francisco, CA
At the age of 35 years, Jennifer S. visited us in January of 2012 to help her overcome a challenge with trichotillomania she'd endured for the past 25 years!  Like the majority of our clients, she'd tried everything under the sun to help solve her problem, but nothing worked. Drugs, psychiatrists, positive reinforcement, wigs - even physical restraint in the form of an aviation cap her well-intended parents had her wear at night - all failed miserably.

Years later, however, just three days with us changed everything.  Let Jennifer tell you in her own words:

BEFORE: "I had tried numerous things.  Early on, I wore an aviation cap at night.  I had nightly check-ins with my parents, did the gold star on a calendar... got rewards, was punished and was grounded for a full summer...  My parents tried everything they could think of. 

"When I was 12, I saw three different psychiatrists.  The first woman I met with had never heard of trichotillomania.  [One] doctor I met with did nothing other than make me feel like he was ripping my parents off.  He put me on Prozac and I was on it for 8 months without it making a difference.  Also during this time (I was 13), my pediatrician put me on Anafranil. It did not eliminate or reduce the urge to pull. It just gave me dry mouth and made me feel like I was in a daze all the time. When I was 24, I decided to shave my head in hopes that would eliminate the urge to pull.  When I was 27, I accepted the hair-pulling as a part of who I am."

AFTER: "I have always considered myself more of a morning person than a night owl. However, the past few mornings, I've been waking up extra early, feeling refreshed and ready to take it on. I am happy that I feel so excited and confident about things. I have not had the urge to pull and am feeling like things have really shifted in that regard. I am feeling as if I have more time in my day, and I believe that is a direct reflection of not spending time worrying about how I'm going to avoid that next urge to pull.  Everything is very clear.

"I am continually grateful for and excited about what is ahead. Robert, there were several times during our few days together that you used the phrase, "What problem?" I am feeling the shift so significantly that I am literally asking myself the same question.

"I'm feeling calm, confident and happy about the changes I've incurred.  I feel like I experienced [a] miracle last week. I am so grateful to the two of you... I  have these feelings of feeling like a new person; however, it's more that I'm more "ME" than I feel I have ever been...

"I'm remaining strong and confident and haven't had an urge to pull.  I even tested myself today by looking at myself in the mirror to see if I had the desire to pull.  I didn't.  I don't.  IT'S SO GREAT!

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