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Sunny O., San Diego, CA
23-year-old Sunny O. began her 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough program for trichotillomania and dermatillomania in mid-September of 2010. Like most of our clients, Sunny had been pulling her hair and picking her skin for many years before coming to see us. Also like many of our clients, she had tried any number of more conventional therapeutic options, only to be bitterly disappointed each and every time.

Predictably, TRS was her last stop. Sunny describes her experience with us this way:

BEFORE: "Before I went to TRS with Robert and Glei, I would have considered myself a hopeless wreck, literally. I have had Trichotillomania for the past 9 years and I was absolutely positive I had no control over the pulling. In my mind, Trichotillomania had control over me. Trichotillomania was the only way I knew how to deal with all the emotional pain I had throughout my life.

"I was so overwhelmed by all the damage I had done to myself, completely balding my scalp, I knew I needed some professional help. Being turned down by my local Mental Health Center saying "I just have to much time on my hands," I knew they were wrong. I ended up searching the internet for someone or something to help me with my problem, and there was the TRS web page. I researched it and did my homework about the program, and of course my nerves got the best of me. But I just had to give it a shot. I was desperate for anything at the time.

AFTER: "Honestly it was the best choice I have ever made for myself in my life.

"Robert and Glei have shown me I do have control over Trichotillomania, and I am completely in control of my actions. I just didn't realize it. I have been pull-free for 3 months now and I am so proud of myself for all the progress I have made. I can honestly say I have a feeling of being free of an ongoing addiction I thought I couldn't break away from. With the help of TRS, Robert and Glei, I have gained all the confidence, love, and respect I needed for myself.

"...I recommend Trichotillomania Relief Services to anyone and everyone who feels they have Trichotillomania or any other mental illness they feel they have no control over. It is worth it. You are worth it!"
Donna S., Rapid City, SD - For daughter Nikki
When we first heard from 17-year-old Nikki S. in March of 2011, she had already been pulling her hair for seven years. In her Personal History Questionnaire, she told us she'd "not been able to stop for even one day". When Nikki finally visited us the following May with her mother and her aunt, all three got to find out why BrightLife's 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program for trichotillomania is uniquely powerful.

** By the way, Nikki — the girl who'd been for all intents and purposes enslaved to trichotillomania every single day for the past seven years — was able to stop pulling after her very first day with us.

Here's an excerpt from an email her mother wrote to us a full month after they'd completed Phase I of Nikki's 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program:

"Debra (Nikki's aunt), Michael (her father) and I were talking last night and all of us say that we have seen differences in Nicole since she has been back from California. She seems to be overall happier. Kathy said she thinks Nicole is carrying herself differently. She says she keeps looking at her and thinking she is taller. Nicole is standing taller and more confidently. Michael helps coach her softball team. He said he has been able to tell that she is a lot more confident in her ball playing. We are sure this sense of well being will be working in Nicole's favor and we will continue to see things change for her. She has always been an incredible person, but to add a huge dose of confidence will only make her happier in anything she does. I cannot tell you how blessed we feel to have had you work with her."

Nikki and family, we're the ones who feel blessed to have met you.
Annette B., Charlotte, NC
22-year-old Anne B. had been pulling her hair for 10 years before contacting us for the help that had all but completely eluded her until that time.

She's glad she did. Here's her story:

BEFORE: Like many of our clients with trichotillomania, Anne's hair-pulling began almost accidentally as a means of dealing with intensely uncomfortable feelings. Again, like many of our clients, Anne found it easier to vent her pent-up feelings of frustration, anger and loss of control by pulling her hair rather than by communicating her feelings honestly and authentically when those feelings would come up — a skill she had not yet learned.

After a recent breakup with a boyfriend, Anne was feeling particularly lost — a problem she couldn't afford to keep, as she was prepared to accept an internship at a prestigious New York design firm. Desperate for help, she contacted us in March of this year, and we began our work together in April.

The results? Here are Anne's own words, describing her elation at her results — and perhaps just as importantly, what she's learning about herself along the way.

AFTER: "Today was another day without hair pulling. I bought a new shampoo to nurture my incoming crop, and felt very affectionate towards my hair today. I felt like it belonged attached to me, and that feeling of my hair as something blocking me from the environment was totally gone.

"I feel much more 'rooted' in myself, you could say. I also was able to tell people how I felt immediately as I was feeling something like anger, etc., and was able to communicate very effectively my emotions and resolve the issue at hand, so that a lot of this need to pull was also totally dispelled!

"I feel so empowered by this new ability to communicate my feelings, and to see how much better my relationships are becoming because of this. Things are definitely shifting for me in letting all of this stuff free and flowing that was pent up inside me!

"I haven't felt so happy in a long time... It continues to amaze me! I feel much more comfortable and confident in myself and feel that every day I am getting closer to that image of myself I had imagined at your home in California. Over 5 weeks of freedom from trichotillomania now, and I am learning how to use all of these new resources to my advantage.

"Thank you, I am excited that this is only the beginning, and that there's still so much more to come!"
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