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Katie O., Dallas, TX
When we first met 17-year-old Katie O. in May of 2012, she was like a lot of our clients - a young lady working hard to perform well in her senior year of high school so she could have the best possible chance of getting into the college of her choice.  And like a lot of our clients at this particular juncture in life, Katie was feeling the pressure, and didn't quite know how to deal with that pressure other than to resort to an age-old habit of hair-pulling.

Before meeting us, Katie reported having worked with a traditional therapist, a hypnotist, two different nutritionists, and even a support group once a week - all to no avail.  The pulling continued, and was getting worse with time.

As usual, that all changed once she met us.  Katie describes her experience with us here:

BEFORE: "When I visited Robert and Glei after my senior year of high school, I hardly had any eyelashes or eyebrows left due to my anxiety.  I had been pulling since I was about 16 years old."

AFTER: "Robert and Glei are an amazing team who feed off each other in their coaching in the most effective, comfortable way.  I instantly felt a connection with them, and they showed me that I had a choice in life, and that I needed to make that choice in order to have the life I wanted.  

"Robert and Glei helped me quit pulling my eyelashes and gave me hope for my future. I would strongly recommend their services."
Anna A., Charlottesville, VA
20-year old Anna A. came to see us in mid-December of 2012.  Prior to that time, she had been pulling heavily for about 2-1/2 years.  Her father, desperate for meaningful assistance of any kind, had contacted us asking what we might be able to do for her.  

Her father told us those 2-1/2 years of pulling had been all it took to rob her of the joy and passion she once enjoyed in life, resulting instead in depression and social isolation - even the need to take a leave from college in hopes of finding some way to sort out this problem.  

Medical doctors, medication, multiple psychiatrists - none of that made any difference for Anna.

And then she came to see us.  

Here's what Anna and her father have had to say about their experience with us:

ANNA'S DAD: "I thank you again for your help and intervention in this problem.  You will never know the true meaning of how grateful we are."

ANNA (Day 1 of followup): "I have not pulled any hair since [the] Friday [before we met].  :-)  It was so great to meet both of you this past week.  I feel like my dad really chose the right place when he found you all.  Thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing for me and my family.  Our trip to California was amazing, but by far, the best part was meeting both of you.  :-)

Day 4 of followup:  "Just wanted to let you know the awesome news that I was in my room alone last night and for parts of today, and did not pull a single hair!  It was like the ultimate test, haha.  It was weird how I didn't even consider it.  :-)"

Day 7 of followup:  "Another pull-free day!  My parents and sister are beyond thrilled.  They are all really excited about our work together and my progress.  My hair is looking even more filled in.  Needless to say, this is incredibly exciting!  My parents are going to treat me to a "hair makeover" as soon as it all grows back in.  :-)

Day 9 of followup:  "Hi, Robert and Glei...  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  My family and I most certainly did.   Both yesterday and today have been pull free days!  I am SO close to being able to go without a hat that I almost forget to put one on when I leave the house.  :-)

Day 18 of followup: "My hair is looking really good (at least to me).  My parents are still in disbelief because it seems too good to be true.  I just sit silently and laugh because I know it's real progress.  :-)  I still can't thank you guys enough."

FINALLY - Three months later, upon formal completion of Anna's 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program:

"You all would be happy to know that my hair looks fabulous!  There are absolutely NO bald patches anywhere! And it seems to be growing out pretty nicely.

"In general, I would say I'm much happier than I was... Regaining a sense of control over my hair has helped with almost every aspect of my life."
John S., Austin, TX - For son Sean
By age 12, young Sean S. of Amarillo, Texas had been pulling his hair from both the back of his head and his eyebrows for the past five years.  Once again, this family had been through the ringer over the course of those five years in their search for a meaningful solution to Sean's trichotillomania condition - therapists, psychiatrists, anti-anxiety meds, etc. - again, all to no avail.

Amazingly (but not uncommonly!), Sean stopped pulling his hair upon the completion of our very first session together.  

As is usually the case with our clients, Sean's followup went exceedingly smoothly - virtually no struggle at all t0 maintain the powerful sense of control he developed while working with us for just the three days he and his father required to spend with us here in Southern California to complete Phase I (the mental reprogramming and reconditioning portion) of our two-phase Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program.

Like many of our clients, Sean's parents very carefully evaluated their choice to work with us.  The trip out here (even for just a few days), the fees involved - they were understandably concerned about whether this might be yet another attempt ending up in disappointment and  failure just like the others.  In their own words:

BEFORE: "... This is a leap of faith, and I want to make sure we are making the right decision considering the financials..."

We completed Sean's work together this past summer, and the following are a sampling (in chronological order) of some of the notes we received from Sean's parents as his nearly 90-day followup period progressed:

AFTER: "Sean says he has minimal urges to pull and it's no longer hard for him!  We are so excited for him, and will remain vigilant."  

"... Just checking in.  Sean seems to be doing great.  He says he feels no urges to pull hair from his head... His eyelashes are visibly growing, and hair on his head is filling in.  Will keep you posted."

"Sean continues to do great.  He is committed to being done with pulling hair.  I'm going to send a few pictures... Sean says, "Hi!"

"Sean is still doing remarkably well.  He seems happy and more relaxed in general.  This has been life-changing for us so far!  Hope you both are doing well..."

"Sean does look fantastic.  All hair is grown in and eyelashes are coming in beautifully!  It's been nothing short of miraculous."

And most recently (18 months later):

"I hope you had a great Thanksgiving...  Things are going very well with us.  

"I'm reminded of one of the first things you asked Sean... 'What's NOT the problem?'  After a long pause, he said 'Everything else.'  What a profound realization for him, and how true it was!...  He doesn't have that daily struggle anymore.  What a huge relief!  Thank you!"
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