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Trichotillomania Relief Specialists takes special care to understand the unique needs of each individual client.  This allows us to design highly customized interventions that are usually effective within days or even hours, rather than weeks or months (if ever) using more conventional methods.

We are proud of the uniquely effective work we do and would like to share these success stories and testimonials from our clients:
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Stacey S., Atlanta, GA - for daughter Caroline
Now 15 years old, Caroline started work with us in May of 2014.  At the time, she had been pulling her eyelashes and eyebrows for approximately 4 years, and her parents had already exhausted every option they could think of to get Caroline the help she needed.  She had already seen 2 psychiatrists, 2 psychotherapists - even a hypnotherapist with no lasting results.

These well-meaning professionals did the best they could to help Caroline, using the oft-considered "state-of-the-art" in anxiety treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and even TTM-specific Habit Reversal Therapy - but again, all to no avail.

By this time, Caroline's problem, and her seeming inability to get a handle on it, was wreaking havoc on Caroline's feelings about herself, her very self-image...  In her words: 

"I feel like a failure when I pull, and that I am always messing up.  It makes me feel anxious and ashamed a lot."

It was at that point when Caroline's mom Stacey finally contacted us.  

Months later, Stacey wrote in to thank us for our work with Caroline. Here is what she said:

"Hi, Robert and Glei!  

"It's been a while since we've checked in, but I wanted to give you both an update on Caroline.  We are going on the 5th week of school and Caroline is doing great! (That's Caroline's picture, immediately to the right). -->

"Trich is very much in her past.  She doesn't even think about pulling her lashes or brows anymore, and school is just as stressful as it was last year.  She is off ALL of her medication.  She doesn't want to take anything anymore, and has this new "I can do it!" mentality, thanks to you.

"If she can overcome trich, there is nothing she can't do!!  I am so proud of her, and know it is due in large part to you.  She always felt so defeated before.  Defeated by her ADD, her anxiety and her trich.  Trich, thankfully, is now just a memory.  Any anxiety she has is normal anxiety.  You both helped normalize it for her, and not feel like there was something wrong with her.

"I am still as shocked and amazed as I was at the beginning.  What a gift you both have given her and our entire family.  WE LOVE YOU!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"

More recently, in August of 2015, Stacey wrote again to share with us how Caroline is doing well over a year after concluding her work with us back in 2014:

"I hope you are both doing very well.  It has been a while since we have been in touch!

"Caroline is amazing and just started high school.  Her transition was so easy!  She is smart, confident and anxiety and pull-free.  She has never even thought about pulling since that first session!  I'm still amazed by everything y'all did.

"I want to thank you again for everything y'all did for Caroline and our family.  Our family has never been happier, and Caroline has never been better.

"Forever grateful, Stacey"
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Nikki R., Pembroke, MA
13-year-old Nikki had been pulling her eyelashes and eyebrows for about a year and a half before we got the call from her mom, desperately seeking help. Like so many in our clients, she had started out seeking help from more traditional mental health sources. When more conventional approaches didn’t yield the results they were looking for, Nikki and her mom turned to us.

We began work with Nikki by way of our acclaimed Distance Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program™ in about mid-January of 2014. Not unexpectedly (at least for us), Nikki stopped pulling virtually IMMEDIATELY. She reported both to her mother and to us her newfound level of control over her pulling behavior was virtually effortless! As is the case for so many of our other clients, her 90-day followup and support period was exceedingly smooth.

Here are Nikki’s emphatic words in her first email progress report, one day after her very first Personal Breakthrough Session with us:

"Hi Robert and Glei,

It was great meeting u guys you guys are so nice funny!!!!!!!! i feel really good after our meeting yesterday!!!! i feel that what you said to me yesterday that it would really work. and i did go in to the little bathroom and i feel really good and strong!!!!! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS ON MONDAY!!!!!!"

It's now been more than three years since we began our work with Nikki.  Her mom has been in touch with us over nearly the entire time, proudly offering us updates as to how Nikki has been doing.  

She wrote to us again just last week, and this time included a picture of Nikki and her full, thick, rich beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes (it's the second picture from the top).  Here's what this very grateful mom had to say:

"Hi, Robert and Glei - just checking in.  Nikki is doing very well and looking good, we just [returned from] vacation and she wanted to send you this picture - her eyebrows and eyelashes look FABULOUS!! She has been doing really well!! 

"Once again thank you so much for all your help and everything you have done for Nikki and our family. She is so happy with her results and very proud of herself!! Hope you are having a great summer!!"

Nikki, we couldn't be more proud of you.  :-)
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UPDATE: August 7, 2016
Nikki's mom Chrissy surprised us today with this delightful note:

"I just got one of your emails and had a major flashback.  You helped my daughter Nikki about [2.5] years ago, she will be 16 years old in a few weeks and looks amazing! She has never even considered pulling her eyebrows and eyelashes since the day she met you!

"You impacted our lives in such an amazing way!  Nicole will be sophomore in high school, she is thriving in her sports, has lots of friends, braces are off and acne-free face - and absolutely beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes!!  (See Nikki's most recent pic, right underneath her earlier one, to the top right of this page).

"We still talk about both of you.  I just wanted to give you an update, and to thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Nikki R. - Mid-2014
Nikki R. - Mid-2016
Abigail K., Chambersburg, PA
17-year-old Abigail K. (now 20) started her work with us back in April of 2013.  Her mom Jody had written to us, telling us Abigail had been "struggling with trich for almost 5 years", and was "in need of immediate help/recovery as she is headed off to college in the fall".

Upon completing her initial Personal Breakthrough Coaching work with us here in Southern California, Abigail returned home to Pennsylvania with her mother.  Upon arrival, she wrote us this powerful note of thanks:

"Hello from Pennsylvania! How are you?  I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how I am.  It has been a busy few days since getting back, but all of them have been wonderful as I am now trich-free and loving it!  I cannot thank you both enough.

"I am very happy that we made the trip, and so grateful to my parents for getting me to you both.  Our session was successful and provided me with the opportunity to take a hold of all that God has offered in my life. 

"I have not pulled one hair, and it is amazing!  And, in the past few days my best friend, who works in a salon, gave me a cute haircut to celebrate!  So I said goodbye to split ends and all of the pain associated with trich and hello to my new hair, which will grow in and get longer by Christmas, like what I saw in my mind during our session."

Then, just this past January (of 2016), Abigail wrote to us once again - now approximately 2 1/2 years after her initial work with us.  What a wonderfully gratifying feeling to read the following words:

"Hello!  This is Abigail.  It has been so long since I sent my last email to you both, but I just wanted to let you know how I am and how much I am grateful for the time I spent in your care the summer before I went to college.  It’s been two years and...  I am currently [still]  pull-free, as I like to say. It’s so exciting!

"I remember many of the things you both told me as we talked about my hair pulling. Glei, I especially remember how you told me that each of my hairs has my name on it, and that I shouldn’t hurt any of them.

"It’s so exciting to have my hair fully grown in; the relief it brings me knowing I don’t need to cover any bald spots during travel (and the anxiety surrounding that) is so great.  My mother and I often talk about the weekend I saw you in California. 

"I hope the New Year brings you and your family many blessings and that you can continue to help people with your wonderful work.

"Sincerely, Abigail"
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